Journey To 'MISERY'

JOIN US in Jeida Woods first illustrious simulation as he introduces the tale and arrival of Misery County's most infamous antagonist. 'MR. NICEGUY' – along with the intricate story of his enigmatic rise and downfall of his followers.ensuing a rapid descent into despondency, our antagonist finds himself ousted from employment at the prestigious 'MISERY' Grand Hotel, furthermore enhancing the detriment felt from that of a recent breakup.. broken hearted, cast into isolation and ostracised from society, his mental unravelling becomes a reflection of the agonising repercussions of life's betrayals."journey to MISERY" sets the path to a captivating musical journey that delves deep into the realms of conflict, suffering, and redemption. This introspective slow release mixtape artfully explores the darkest corners of the human psyche, unravelling the intricate tapestry of emotions and experiences that make us who we are. Drawing inspiration from the profound art themes and historical backdrop of Romanticism, as well as the works of the renowned painter Francisco Goya, this project is a profound testament to the human spirit's resilience amidst turmoil...– SIMULATION : BEGIN

Chapter 5:

far from / complete (불완전한)

…embark on a poignant journey with us as Jeida bares his soul, delving into the depths of his melancholic reminiscence, weaving together fragments of a sorrowful past in this mournful interlude of introspection, where the notion of completion remains but a distant whisper.

Chapter 4:


…within the vibrant world of a lively arcade, a couple's ordinary day takes a thrilling turn as they stumble upon a mysterious machine named 'SHIVVER' Intrigued, they decide to try it out, only to be engulfed in a surge of energy. Transported into an 8-bit retro universe, they discover that they're inside the game, as our new protagonist witnesses their partner being kidnapped by an 8-bit boss madman and his oddly masked crew.

Chapter 3:

(B.P.D) the aftermath of the recent chaos, Dept. Inspector Detective Reagan of the 'MISERY' town police trails the enigmatic MR. NICEGUY. struggling amidst the conflict of madness and empathy, our antagonist, in response, fractures his dissociative mind into compartments, a psychological mechanism aiding him in navigating his sadistic tendencies.

Chapter 2:

MR. NICEGUY. MR. NICEGUY. amidst the torment of life's betrayals and an unyielding desperation to endure, our antagonist develops a dissociative identity disorder, birthing a darker, manic alter ego that gives rise to the clandestine collective known as 'The Gifted.' this enigmatic society, comprised of faceless, masked individuals, requires initiation through enduring trauma and negligence inflicted by others. their singular purpose? survival through vengeance, targeting the affluent, powerful, and those deemed culpable of wrongdoing.

Chapter 1:


…an older male reluctantly embraces his role as a 'sugar daddy' while contemplating the intricacies of his relationship with his 'sugar baby.' Unbeknownst to them, an unwitting hotel employee observes, pondering the nuances of the dynamic between the two and seeking insights into an individual's capacity for self-indulgent desires when bestowed with the gift of influence.